Crackle Rattle Bash started around 1986 when Aris, Richard and Kay played the streets of Amsterdam. While busking they were asked to record two tracks for the famous COOL CAT GO APE compilation with (neo) rockabilly and psychobilly bands from all over Holland.

Frank Bayer joined the band on guitar and in July 1987, they recorded their first and only impressive self titled album on the infamous Count Orlok label. The album’ s overall sound falls somewhere between Neo-Rockabilly and Psychobilly and resulted in them being hailed as Amsterdam’ s best Neo-Rockabilly band in the eighties by renowned Dutch music magazine OOR. It’ s still a classic to this day.

They played countless gigs in Holland and Germany and eventually split around 1990.

Recently, the Russian label Just Another Normal Guy Records released an album with demos and live recordings of the band. And that made them decide to reunite with Barry on guitar and eKo from (Dutch psychobillies) Asmodeus, on drums.

This year they are reunited and didn’t want to miss the night dedicated to Dutch psychobilly at your festival, a real treat! CRACKLE RATTLE BASH are back for all of you!

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