Get ready to immerse yourself in the extravagance of this cowpunk great at the Psychobilly Meeting 2024! 🤠🎸

Bob Wayne, the prominent figure in Seattle’s Outlaw Country Punk Folk, always promises to deliver an explosive mix of alcohol, HillBilly, Blues, Punk, devils, gasoline, sweat, Jesuses, Johnny Cash, bibles, the scent of gasoline, and plenty of twilight sex.

Using mandolins, violins, and banjos, Bob crafts songs that could easily be part of a western soundtrack, creating country pieces that delve into heartbreak and other demons, providing a musical backdrop to the chaos of some lawless town.

Bob Wayne is known for his raw, deep, and pure country music that walks the fine line between comedy and dark truths. Always authentic and unpretentious, his natural vocal style has been compared to the legendary Johnny Cash, and his songwriting ability resembles that of the iconic Kris Kristofferson. Bob embodies the essence of the “new Cash” much needed in the revival of true country music today.

In 2023, Bob Wayne continues to carry that torch with his new album, ’13 More Truckin’ Songs,’ a kind of sequel to his second independent album from 2008, ’13 Truckin’ Songs,’ delivering a fresh collection of classic trucker tunes in his authentic neo-country style.

The real BOB WAYNE is back.

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