After an absence of 3 years in Pineda as a trio, these three gentleman will leave their Batcave in Arkham in their new brand Batmobile, on the way to the Catalan coast !
They started in 1983 and they are one of the few bands that have been playing with original lineup. since the Jeroen, his brother Eric and Johnny are the perfect trio who really knew how to adapt to new times keeping their sound which make them being unique, the B-Music. They are the first non English band to play as headliners in the golden years of the popular Klubfoot.
More than 10 records, a bunch of Eps and compilations, prove Batmobile are one of the bands with a longest record release on the scene. Their last work “Brand New Blisters “ in 2017 was a big success and verifies that the Rotterdam trio are the Psychobilly Kings in Holland,
BATMOMANIACS, you are lucky because Batmobile will be on the main stage this year on the 2019 Pineda Psychobilly Meeting edition ! Pure Dynamite !!