PSYCHOBILLY MEETING Festival Santa Susanna 2024

We have an important update we want to share with all of you. Rumors have been running for months, so it’s time to tell you all the news.

We know you love the beach, the sea, and the sun, which is why our top priority is bringing the festival closer to the sea to offer you an unforgettable and complete beach experience.

Thank you for all your support over the years, we’ve fought hard and have achieved it again! To celebrate our great 30th ANNIVERSARY, the festival will return at the beach! The festival’s venue is moving to the neighboring town of SANTA SUSANNA! With the return of the Psychobilly Meeting Village to the beach of Santa Susanna, new beach bar close to the village and  festival base hotels where you can enjoy a beachfront experience just meters away from the festival’s activities.

It’s a change we’re sure you’ll love as it brings day and night activities closer and beachfront accommodation, making everything more convenient for you. In SANTA SUSANNA, you can enjoy its wonderful beaches and great tourist infrastructure. Many thanks to our new hosts and especially to the Santa Susanna City Council team for supporting and welcoming us with open arms!

Furthermore, we’re working in a  a very special lineup for you, packed with surprises! Together, we’ll make this 30th anniversary of the festival,  the most memorable of all!

See you at 30th Psychobilly Meeting Santa Susanna 2024 !!!

Viva el Psychobilly Meeting !!!


The closest ones to the festival and on the beach


Every year during 7 days in the month of July a strange kind of demons are allowed to walk on earth again….
They meet each others in a little town near the beach, which is the closest town to hell.
During one week this place is invaded by hundreds of these maniac rockers from hell.
You can meet them everywhere during the day….
But it´s only at night when you can see them shakin´ in a strange way, like in a macabre ritual dance, listening to that blasfem mutant rockabilly music they bring from Hell.
These weird creatures call themselves PSYCHOBILLIES
This town is called Santa Susanna and this 7 days become known as the PSYCHOBILLY MEETING
The rest is history …

Don´t miss this edition because all predictions say , it´s going to be a blast !

So get ready for ? and count the days left to live the festival of your life !

☑️ PSYCHOBILLY is …… FUN !!!

☑️ SANTA SUSANNA is ……. FUN !!!

☑️ SUNSET BEACH BAR is ….. FUN !!!


🎉JUST FOR FUN !!!!!🎉


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