PSYCHOBILLY MEETING Festival Pineda de Mar 2023

Welcome , once again , to the Psychobilly Meeting in Pineda de Mar!

In this 29th edition, you will find everything related to Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Punk, Ska, and all alternative music genres close to this style.

As you already know, our festival is the longest-running and most important worldwide, bringing together the best bands of the scene and thousands of fans and freaks from every corner of the planet.

We will have three stages: the Main Stage in the Psychobilly Meeting Village, the Beach Bar Stage in the legendary Santis Beach Bar on Pineda de Mar’s beach, and the Hasil Adkins Stage, the wildest stage of the festival, dedicated to the darkest sounds of Rock and Roll in the Psychobilly Meeting Village.

But the Psychobilly Meeting is not just about music, it’s also an unique atmosphere that you won’t find at any other festival, where all cultures mix with one goal: to have fun and live the best week of the year!

We have prepared a very complete and varied program, with concerts, a record hops, clothing and accessories market , and a good dose of big fun to the rhythm of Psychobilly.

So, if you are looking for a unique and authentic experience filled with music, friends, beach, and fun all day long , don’t miss it!

Buy your tickets now and join the beach party.


Every year during 7 days in the month of July a strange kind of demons are allowed to walk on earth again….
They meet each others in a little town near the beach, which is the closest town to hell.
During one week this place is invaded by hundreds of these maniac rockers from hell.
You can meet them everywhere during the day….
But it´s only at night when you can see them shakin´ in a strange way, like in a macabre ritual dance, listening to that blasfem mutant rockabilly music they bring from Hell.
These weird creatures call themselves PSYCHOBILLIES
This town is called PINEDA DE MAR
And this 7 days become known as the PINEDA PSYCHOBILLY MEETING
The rest is history …

29 years of the Psychobilly Meeting , 35 top international bands , 3 stages , a bunch of dj´s , great atmosphere and best location at the beach, that makes all you need to have the craziest holidays ever , with of all your friends coming from around the world .

Don´t miss this edition because all predictions say , it´s going to be a blast !

So get ready for Pineda de Mar and count the days left to live the festival of your life !

☑️ PSYCHOBILLY is …… FUN !!!

☑️ PINEDA DE MAR is ……. FUN !!!

☑️ SANTI´S BEACH BAR is ….. FUN !!!


🎉JUST FOR FUN !!!!!🎉


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