PSYCHOBILLY MEETING Festival Pineda de Mar 2022

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that , again we are
left with no choice but to cancel the Psychobilly Meeting again this
year due to take place in September 2021. We were ready to announce
the line up for this year and bands were already booked.

Despite many people being vaccinated, despite the medical advances we
have seen and despite rapid covid testing, the new delta variant has
entered every country throughout the world , including Spain and it
has raised the numbers being infected across all age groups, but
notably the younger generations who have not had the opportunity to be
vaccinated yet.

New restrictions from the government that include a curfew at 00.30,
further and very limited capacity at all venues and events, compulsory
mask wearing, seated only and the banning of all food and drinks
within festival areas. Add to this that most countries within the EU,
have issued a travel advisory against travelling to the Catalonia
region that can be also very difficult for the bands and attendees to
travel, quarantines, tests, and how knows if could be further

It has become impossible to not only guarantee a festival we are used
to, but to even guarantee the festival will take place at all, with
cancellations and further restrictions likely.

We have tried absolutely everything in our power to make the festival
happen over the last few months, and most of the pieces of the jigsaw
puzzle were in place, then Delta came barging in like a steamroller
and the uncertainty and consequences that it will bring has led us to
take , once again, this hard decision. And again, we are as
disappointed as you are.

So, all we can do is to appeal for your patience, your loyalty and
your continued support. We want to see everyone in 2022, on the beach
at Pineda . 2 years without the festival we promise it will be one to
remember. We will work to make it the biggest and best yet. Our goal
is to keep the same lineup as the one we announced for 2020 but with
more surprises.

Those who have bought tickets, once again, can request a refund via
the links below or you can once again, save them for next year.

In the meantime, we are trying to organise something in Pineda in
September but this will depend on the restrictions imposed at the
time, we will let you know as soon as we can.

We can only say we miss you all so much, Pineda misses you, the bands
miss you and Psychobilly misses you.

Stay safe ! Stay Psycho !

Every year during 7 days in the month of July a strange kind of demons are allowed to walk on earth again….
They meet each others in a little town near the beach, which is the closest town to hell.
During one week this place is invaded by hundreds of these maniac rockers from hell.
You can meet them everywhere during the day….
But it´s only at night when you can see them shakin´ in a strange way, like in a macabre ritual dance, listening to that blasfem mutant rockabilly music they bring from Hell.
These weird creatures call themselves PSYCHOBILLIES
This town is called PINEDA DE MAR
And this 7 days become known as the PINEDA PSYCHOBILLY MEETING
The rest is history …

28 years of the Psychobilly Meeting , 35 top international bands , 3 stages , a bunch of dj´s , great atmosphere and best location at the beach, that makes all you need to have the craziest holidays ever , with of all your friends coming from around the world .

Don´t miss this edition because all predictions say , it´s going to be a blast !

So get ready for Pineda de Mar and count the days left to live the festival of your life !

☑️ PSYCHOBILLY is …… FUN !!!

☑️ PINEDA DE MAR is ……. FUN !!!

☑️ SANTI´S BEACH BAR is ….. FUN !!!


🎉 JUST FOR FUN !!!! 🎉

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