PHANTOM ROCKERS psychobilly meeting pineda de mar 2018


As one of the original psychobilly musicians and formerly with the Krewmen, , the eager beaver, Mark Burke, is heading back to Pineda to give us a good dose of psychobilly in the style only he knows how to do. In 1988 he was living in an British Air Force base in Germany where he met members of his new band and 3 months later he released his first record with his band The Phantom Rockers. Together with The Meteors they were the first wave of psychobilly to travel across the pond to the US. 10 albums followed as well as touring worldwide. Mark moved to Dallas Texas where he met ex guitarist for The Exploited, Karl Morris, and they decided to reform The Phantom Rockers with a US lineup. then Karl decided to return to the UK and several lineup changes followed but they have continued to release recordings for the last 20 years and to play across the world including Mexico and Europe whilst basing themselves in San Antonio , Texas. Recently Mark felt the need to return to Germany and has a European line up now. Open your eyes, open your ears, and see their explosive show live on stage at Pineda..