Guitar slinguers psychobilly meeting pineda de mar 2018


This band was the project of Phillip Doyle, aimed at experimenting with various types of music from raw Psychobilly to Rock N Roll to Ska music. With the fluidity of the music came the fluidity of band members, as well as, contributory lyric writers over the years.

The current lineup features Philip Doyle on guitar and lead vocals,  Bruno Malo (Moonshine Stalkers) on bass and Andy Kandil (Moonshine Stalkers/Mad Sin) on guitar and finally the ever cheerful Gaybeul, ( DAG ) ,on drums.

Joining the slingers on stage will be a female vocalist from Dublin, Ireland, who was signed to Doyle´s Diablo label in 2016.
She possesses a powerful voice and her stage presence is sure to compliment the band . Ladies Gents and Psychos , we give you THE GUITAR SLINGERS with DONNA DUNNE