demented scumcats psychobilly meeting pineda de mar 2018



Our next band is a B-project from the prodigious and quirky that is Mark “Sparky” Phillips. Some people say far more interesting that Demented are Go, probably as they don’t play that many live performances so always a rare treat to see them on stage. Getting so many incredibly busy musicians in one place is no easy feat.

All the musicians are first class and in the mix you have Gaybeul (Dag/Guitar Slingers + others) Mato (50ft Combo) Jens ( 50 ft combo and Tall Boys) Phillip Doyle ( too many bands to mention but all highly successful) and of course the unique, utterly mad and crazily talented Sparky (DAG) Their music is special, tunes abundant with energy, brilliant arrangements and a bit garage with that Hammond organ sound.

They released 1 album as well as an EP with success, all the music came from Sparky and this is a must have on the Psychobilly discography.

If you like DAG, if you like Garage, if you like Psychobilly then you will love DEMENTED SCUMCATS !!!!!