rusty robots psychobilly meeting pineda de mar 2018


This trio started in 2010 in Germany with an idea to play 1980’s Psychobilly covers for fun. The band featured Salmi Salmiak on guitar and vocals, with Chris “Hui Buh” on drums and Rusti on upright bass, it was an old school set up, a screaming guitar and a stand up drum set. They recorded “We are Rusty Robots” at the end of 2012.

Rusti departed and was replaced by the the man with the original 80’s flat top, Anglo German, Paddy Evans. They have toured lots, playing gigs over Europe, including Germany, Spain, Holland and the UK. They are regulars on internet radio shows, especially their latest album, “Tighten your screws and dance to The Rusty Robots”on Razzmataz Records, has influences of Neo-Rockabilly, Surf and authentic 80s Psychobilly combined with a hint of New/Dark Wave and is a delight to listen to.
In 2018 they make their debut at Pineda, and a well earned slot it is too. Playing their tight psycho sound are THE RUSTY ROBOTS !!!!!!!