WILD ONES psychobilly meeting pineda de mar 2018


There is no doubt who the pioneers of the 80’s Belgian Rockabilly scene are, and their name is perfectly suited. They played Rock and Roll during a time when the musical roots were respected to perfection yet they created their own style. Unpredictable and not typical, the front man, Wild One Dee , gets maniacal on stage. Check out their two albums, “Crossroads” and “Still Untamed” ( if you can find them) as they are big collector items attracting serious money and very hard to get. Numerous concerts and TV appearances made them famous in the local charts.
Last year they decided to reform and we are really lucky to have them on our stage. Get your “Marlon Brando” style cap on and get ready to see a band that are pure without being purists. They are THE WILD ONES !!!!