the quakes psychobilly meeting 2018 Pineda de Mar


Arguably the first ever American psychobilly act this band had numerous hits including “Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, “Killing Moon” and “USA Psychos” And like the Stray Cats they realised the only way to have success musically was to cross the Atlantic to Europe where the scene was solid and growing. Quickly signing to Roy Williams Nervous Records they then released “Voice of America”, “Quiff Rock” and “New Generation” alongside other albums and this led to sell out tours throughout Europe and as far away as Japan. Their style is a mix of Rockabilly, Psychobilly with New Wave influences too. As happens to most bands there have been lineup changes with a difficult time when founding member, Dave “The Ace” was involved in a fatal car crash.
Nowadays the band is at their best with founding member on vocals and Lead Guitar, Paul Roman, together with the youthful rhythmic backing of Juan Carlos and Wes Hinshaw. They bring stage attitude, incredible presence and musical perfection. Just for Fun are proud to welcome back to the main stage at the Pineda Psychobilly Meeting, THE QUAKES !!!!!!!!